We are most grateful to our generous supporters, the MYO Songbirds and our generous fund patrons, who enable us to continue to deliver our programs, uphold our commitment to excellence, and ensure that no young learner is ever excluded based on disadvantage.

Thank you for helping Victoria’s young musicians reach new heights.


LYREBIRD $5,000+

Patricia H Reid Endowment, Ramses Foundation, The Benson Family, Ward Family Trust.





Alf Reina and Marjanne Rock, Mildura Surgical, Rotary Club of Mildura Deakin, The Vowels Family, William Weatherseed, Anonymous (1).





Alistair Legge, Belinda & Malcolm King, Ece Tunali, Elaine Sun, Lisa Hall, Marissa Barter-Waters, Marni & Tyson Wodak, Sam McPherson, Shannon Gillmore, The Casley-Porter Family, Thomas Colgan, Yang Zhang, Anonymous (4).




Alice Hanna, Alison MacGregor, Andrew Groch, Andrew McLaren, Angela Wu, Anne Frankenberg & Adrian McEniery, Bernard Depasquale, Dorian Jones, Effie Goletsos, Fling Eisteddfod , Giuseppe De Simone, Helen Henzell, James Le Fevre, Jing Wang, John & Maureen Barns, Kenneth, Kerrie Watson Kim & Michael Ball, M MacG, Marcel Trussell-Cullen, Matthew and Henry Doyle, Matthew Brewer, Md Salauddin, Megan Philip, Minwu Hu, Mollie MacGregor, Monica Naselow, Nathan Hancock, Noriko Moriyasu, Oliver and Kathryn Daly, Oscar Xu, Peter Osvath, Rod and Melinda Unmack, Roger & Jeanette Dargaville, Ryan Zhang, Samuel Boyd, Sandy and Damian Abrahams, Serena Chen, Shadi Habash, Sherry Zhang, Stirling Warren, The Fielding Family, Tunesmith Solutions, Xanthe Ruwoldt, Anonymous (9).



Alex Zavadil, Anne Mullins & David Collins, Ashwin D’Costa, Chunyue Ma, Colleen & David Close, Dion Newstead, Fiona Seers, Gabrielle Torpey, Genevieve Newton, Grhita Sundaram, Henry Wang, Kellie Hulty, Lisa Thomas, Lulu Wilms, Maria, Mark Krupa, Melissa Neave, Mr and Mrs C C Howard, Naomi Holman, Nicole Bremner, Noppawan Nikhrothanon, Peter Franz, Shuhuai Jeffrey, Sujo Lee, Vanessa Guthrie, Zhaoxing Fu, Zhe Chen, Anonymous (7).


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