Enriching young lives through the power of music 

Bequests are a powerful gift to the future, helping MYO support young Victorian musicians for generations to come.

Bequests to Melbourne Youth Orchestras are invested in perpetuity and the interest from these funds is used to support the musical and career development of talented young musicians.

Your bequest gift lives on, providing funds and inspiration, long into the future. Choosing to include us in your Will is a very personal and special form of support. A gift, whether large or small, is one way to give the gift of music to generations.

The gift in your Will can take the form of a monetary amount (either specified or residuary), or shares, property, business partnerships or other items of value such as musical instruments.

An alternative bequest gift to a Will is the naming of Melbourne Youth Music Incorporated, trading as Melbourne Youth Orchestras, as the beneficiaries on a life insurance policy.  This may have advantages depending on your individual circumstances.

We would also be happy to discuss with you if you would like to direct your gift to specific uses within Melbourne Youth Orchestras.

Please consult your own legal and financial advice on including us in your bequest, particularly if your gift includes unusual or complex items.  We would be happy to work with you and your advisers to understand how to best capture your wishes.

If you would like to discuss making a bequest to Melbourne Youth Orchestras further, please contact CEO Dorian Jones, 9376 8988 or dorianj@myo.org.au  for a confidential discussion.

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