Since 1967 Melbourne Youth Orchestras (MYO) has been enriching young lives through the power of music. We continue to grow our community on a reputation of excellence, inspiring young people to reach their potential, unleashing creativity and instilling a love of music which motivates life-long learning and participation.

Each year we offer an inclusive and stimulating range of artistic and social activities designed to instil a lifelong love for ensemble music playing.

Our dream is that music is embraced and celebrated in Victoria, since it is instrumental in building community and developing the best in young people.

We believe that no young learner should be excluded based on disadvantage, and at all levels our student-centred program focuses on building strong communities and encouraging participation across all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational backgrounds.

We have a commitment to improving both the quality and capacity of music education in Victoria, playing a leadership role in collaborating with education and music partners to ensure that a high quality music education is available for all students in Victoria.