Since 1967 MYO has provided enriching and empowering music education in partnership with the Victorian government. But for the first time in our history, this year, the Victorian Government has decided not to fund MYO.

Don’t worry, we have a sound financial plan to ensure MYO can continue delivering our programs. However, we are concerned about how we will keep our fees affordable and ensure no young learner is excluded if they experience financial or other barriers.

In light of the cost-of-living crisis, in 2024, 100% of our government funding was earmarked to assist students who struggle to access our programs. Students from families experiencing financial challenges. Students with disability. Students from regional areas. Students from government schools with inadequate music programs.

Without this funding, it will be even harder for students experiencing barriers to access quality music education.

Thank you for helping us persuade the government to reinstate our funding. Our community is asking them to continue their support so that all of Victoria’s most talented musicians can reach their full music potential.

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Every other state across Australia supports its youth orchestras by providing stable and ongoing funding, so we say that Victoria needs to pull its weight.

Add your voice to help reinstate our support from the Victorian government