Show your love for Melbourne Youth Orchestras with MYO merch! Don’t sound sharp – just look it! Show your love and be part of the club with an MYO T-Shirt. Branded with MYO’s iconic stave logo and the year, these limited run shirts are cotton based, lightweight and breathable, coming in a range of sizes. These serve both as the ideal casual wear or even ensemble attire. 

If you are a member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestras Ensemble Program in 2022, members of our junior Ensemble Program can also wear these throughout the year at our end of term concerts. 

We are taking orders for our t-shirts offsite, via Trybooking. Orders close 6 March. We anticipate the shirts will be available mid March.

Shirt sizes are measured by ½ Chest (cm). Contact MYO if none of the available sizes are suitable. 

Click here to order!