Help MYO Play On during COVID-19

We need your support to pivot to online delivery of our programs and increase our capacity to offer scholarships to students whose families have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

MYO needs your help to not only survive but thrive during the COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Like most arts institutions across the globe, MYO has felt the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns and we are planning for ongoing disruptions into the future.

Yet we are determined to find new and innovative ways to adapt.

Our first step was to pivot to online learning, and we have successfully launched MYO UNLIMITED, an online program that provides a platform for 512 students to play together in their homes across Victoria.

We are proud of what we have achieved but we need to be continually thinking ahead. Facing a loss in revenue from our concerts, additional expenses incurred through our move to online delivery, and uncertainty surrounding the government’s plans to lift the restrictions for large gatherings, now more than ever MYO needs to plan carefully for the future and we ask for your support to help us adapt.

We anticipate that as people return to work and the full economic impact of COVID-19 is realised more families in our community will need financial support through our scholarship programs. As one of Victoria’s largest employers of musicians and production staff, we are also determined to ensure we can continue to provide casual employment to our community of over 100 musicians.

COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to reflect on the significance and psychological benefits of collective music-making and the role arts and educational organisations like ours play in our community.


Here are some of the ways we will use your gift:

$20 will help us purchase microphones and computer monitors to assist our conductors and educators to teach from home

$50 will go towards hiring an arranger, editor and creative director to produce an online orchestra that all 512 musicians will contribute towards

$100 will support our scholarship programs, ensuring all young learners can participate regardless of economic circumstance or geographic location

$200 will enable us to hire 11 of Australia’s most celebrated and accomplished music professionals to deliver masterclasses and listen rooms to inspire our young performers

Your gift will help to create a bright future for Victoria’s young musicians.

We are most grateful to our generous supporters, the MYO Songbirds, who enable us to continue to deliver our programs, uphold our commitment to excellence, and ensure that no young learner is ever excluded based on disadvantage.