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Become an MYO Songbird and help Victoria’s young musicians reach new heights.

Student enrolment fees cover only half of our total costs. Our capacity to deliver MYO’s programs and uphold our commitment to excellence is a direct result of the assistance we receive from our community.
Every gift made to MYO has a positive impact on Victoria’s talented youth and the future of orchestral music. Whether you give ten dollars or ten thousand, your support will help young musicians to reach their potential.
Like our young musicians, Australia’s melodious songbirds make magnificent music, with energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm. Australian songbirds are recognised as the most remarkable in the world, an inspiring notion for our young learners and a reflection of our commitment to excellence.


As an MYO Songbird you will become part of our family, and will be gratefully recognised on our website and in all of our printed programs and guides. You will be the first to hear about our concerts, events and stories from participants about their experiences and achievements.

Your generous gift empowers young musicians from all backgrounds to hone their musical skills, learn teamwork, and gain the self-confidence and discipline necessary for a successful future.

Your gift to MYO will:

  • Help us with the hire and purchase costs for new musical scores, enabling our young learners to explore core repertoire and contemporary composition.
  • Contribute to scholarships for talented young learners from disadvantaged backgrounds who might otherwise be unable to participate.
  • Enable us to engage Victoria’s top conductors and music tutors and maintain our position as Victoria’s largest music education provider outside of schools.
  • Help us to maintain our musical instruments, ensuring that our young learners have access to the highest quality instruments possible.
  • Enable MYO to commission Australian composers to create new works, building the future of Australian music.

To become an MYO Songbird and join our family of inspiring young musicians, educators and supporters please donate below

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For more information about how to support MYO please contact (03) 9376 8988 or email

Your gift will help to create a bright future for Victoria’s young musicians.

We are most grateful to our generous supporters, the MYO Songbirds, who enable us to continue to deliver our programs, uphold our commitment to excellence, and ensure that no young learner is ever excluded based on disadvantage.

Thank you for helping Victoria’s young musicians reach new heights.


LYREBIRD $5,000+

Ramses Foundation, Ward Family Endowment.





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Anonymous (7).


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