Among a vast array of remarkable film composers, John Williams now stands peerless for the captivating magic of his iconic scores. This concert captures a brief meteor shower of his brilliance in a romp through the entire Stars Wars legacy.

The second half plots a musical path across all nine movies of the Stars Wars saga. In these scores, John Williams displays not just his astonishing creativity, but also a deep love and appreciation for the great composers who have gone before. Two of these inspirations, Walton and Strauss, set the scene in the first half which features brilliant young hornist Rosie Yang and Australian composer, Anne Cawrse.

William Walton
Crown Imperial March

Anne Cawrse
And there was Light

Richard Strauss
Horn Concerto No.1 in Eb, Op.11 (15’)

John Williams
Star Wars Symphony: 9 movies in 9 movements