2019 Summer School FAQs

Answers to our most commonly asked questions about Summer School…

Do I have to audition?

Entry is by application only, there’s no need to audition!

I made a mistake on my application form.  What do I do?
Give us a call as soon as possible; we can amend your application form for you (03) 9376 8988.

I’ve missed the application closing date, can I still apply?
Yes, we can still accept late applications in some ensembles.  If there isn’t a position available for you, we can put you on our waiting list and be in contact should a position become available.  Please call our office to find out more on (03) 9376 8988.

I didn’t receive my application confirmation or allocation email, what do I do?
This could be because of a few things:
1) The email may have made it into your junk mail. Check there first.
2) If your enrolment fee was not paid, your application would not have been finalised
3) Your email address may have been entered with an error.
We’re standing by to help out so please give us a call at the office on (03) 9376 8988, Tuesday to Friday.


I don’t have any jazz experience; can I still apply for Big Band or Jazz Improvisation?

While having some knowledge of jazz chords and style can be an advantage, we do accept all participants with varying degrees of jazz experience.  Our jazz programs are designed to challenge all levels.

Why do I need to put down three preferences?
To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we work hard to maintain a balance in all ensembles and sometimes we receive more applications than there are positions available.  For this reason we ask you to list multiple preferences so, if we can’t accommodate your first preference, we can still offer you something we know you’ll enjoy.

What do I put on the application form if I want my second ensemble preference to be for a different instrument?
Please make a note of your preference in the ‘Ensemble Experience’ field in the application form, and include your second instrument in the ‘Instrument 2’ field.

Can I play in more than one ensemble?
Summer School is designed so that all ensembles run concurrently, so it’s not possible to participate in more than one ensemble.

I don’t know what AMEB grade I am, what should I put on my application form?
The AMEB grades listed are your guide to the skill level required for each ensemble and are not a formal requirement.  If you are not currently undertaking AMEB exams, consult with your teacher as they will know what equivalent standard you are, or call our office for advice on (03) 9376 8988.

Can I play in more than one ensemble?
Summer School is designed so that all ensembles run concurrently, so it’s not possible to participate in more than one ensemble.

What if I am not allocated to my preferred ensemble?
We endeavor to match your ensemble to your interests, please call us if you would like to discuss your allocation. Ultimately if you are not happy with your ensemble we will be able to issue you with a refund less the administration fee.


Can you help me find accommodation?
If you are a regional Victorian student aged between 12-17 you can apply for our Summer School Residential Camp. Summer School participants over 18 years of age can access discounted rates at Medley Hall, a residential college of the University of Melbourne – please contact the MYO Office for details. 

Do I have to bring my own instrument?
Yes, although we do have some of the rarer and auxiliary instruments available for hire.  To hire one of our instruments, please call our office as soon as possible on (03) 9376 8988. Percussion is the only exception.

I play percussion. What do I need to bring? 
All percussion instruments are supplied; however, percussion participants are expected to bring a stick bag containing at least one pair each of drumsticks, soft mallets for suspended cymbal (and/or vibraphone and marimba), xylophone mallets, glockenspiel mallets and timpani mallets.

I play piano. What can I apply for?
We take one pianist in the Big Band and a limited number of piano/keyboard players in the Jazz Improvisation Program.

Will lunch be provided?
No, however there is a cafeteria in the venue where you can purchase snacks and drinks. We do recommend you bring your own bottle of water and some refreshments for the day.

I’m not from Victoria, can I still apply for Summer School?
Yes you can – our Summer School is open to interstate and international participants!

Will I get the music before Summer School starts?
Due to the dynamic nature of our ensembles, all groups will be reading a vast array of material. All participants will receive music on the first day of Summer School.

Do you offer any scholarships or financial assistance?
Unfortunately we don’t have scholarships available for Summer School, however if you are experiencing difficulties in making payment, please contact our office to discuss payment options (03) 9376 8988.

How do I get tickets to the concerts?
Tickets will be made available for purchase online through our website, so please check back closer to the time.


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