President’s Report for 2014

It is with great pleasure that tonight I am can report on an incredibly busy but ultimately rewarding year at Melbourne Youth Music in 2014.

Many great outcomes were achieved right across the organisation and where it counts the most: our people, our partnerships, our funding and, of course, our program.

First our people

  • In 2014 we welcomed Dorian Jones as Melbourne Youth Music’s new CEO. Under his strong leadership the executive team and our music educators have flourished personally and professionally.
  • The MYM family truly is a great team working together to achieve extraordinary things for our students and program

Next our partnerships

  • Undoubtedly our greatest achievement in 2014 was establishing an exciting new partnership with the University of Melbourne that has secured the Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank campus as the permanent home for our program and committed to building a world-class strategic partnership in music education. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with the University of Melbourne and building something that will create a raft of education benefits for both organisations and the community.

Next our funding

  • We were delighted to successfully secure a new triennial funding agreement with the Department of Education and Training for 2015-2017—our single largest source of funds outside student fees.
  • This included new money for two exciting initiatives—a Professional Development course for music teachers and a Gifted and Talented music outreach program for rural and regional students.

And finally our program

  • In 2014, we once again delivered a challenging, exhilarating and fun music program that delighted our inspired students, starting with a wonderful Summer School that attracted some 650 young musicians and then the Saturday Ensemble program that attracted around 440 students.
  • All of our ensembles performed marvellously and achieved great things. For me it was particularly pleasing to see Melbourne Youth Orchestra tour overseas for the first time in many years and perform with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Like all families we also had to say goodbye to some people. At the end of 2014 four of our conductors Mark Sheil, Mary Johnson, Hamish Patterson, and Jemima Bunn finished with Melbourne Youth Music. Thank you to all of you for your passion, inspiration and dedication to our students and for being part of the Melbourne Youth Music family.

We also said goodbye to two Board members Peter Garnick and Leanne Beveridge. Peter of course was instrumental in steering Melbourne Youth Music through some rough times and righting the ship a few years ago. Thank you to both of you for your enormous contribution and for being part of the Melbourne Youth Music family.

Of course we owe our success in 2014 to many and I sincerely thank them all.

First thank you to our funders, partners and supports:

  • The Dept. of Education and Training, the University of Melbourne, and Federation Square
  • Our generous philanthropic supporters: Freemasons Victoria, Newsboys Foundation, The Kimberley Foundation, The Invergowrie Foundation, The Vizard Foundation, The Anna Chmiel Memorial Fund and the Telstra Foundation
  • Our others supporters and sponsors the City of Melbourne, Creative Industries, Bendigo Bank, Alex Grants Violins, Whitehorse Music, and The Music Place.
  • And of course our generous patrons and donors, than you for your contributions.

And of course nothing would be possible without our people:

  • our students
  • our educators
  • our artistic team and
  • our management team.

Thank you to all of our and especially the person that provides the leadership to make it all happen our CEO Dorian Jones. Thank you Dorian for your leadership, inspiration and support.

And to that other great group of people I have had the pleasure to work with in 2014, the Board of Management. Thank you to all of you for giving your time so generously, for your expertise and insights that support the management and artistic teams in delivering an excellent program.

Tonight, I would especially like to thank the Raghava Dasika who is retiring after three years serving on the Board. Thank you Raghava for you generous and valuable contribution to the Board as Vice President, to the Fundraising and Development Committee as a member and to Melbourne Youth Music more broadly as supporter and parent.

So as we reflect on the great foundation we have laid in 2014, with great people, great partnerships and solid funding arrangements, the Board and I are confident that as we approach our 50th birthday in 2017, Melbourne Youth Music will continue to deliver an inspirational and innovative music program and online presence that excites, inspires and enriches our young musicians and the community.



President, Board of Management


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